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15 April 2010 @ 11:11 am
girl band radio show from last night  
Wednesday night on the Record Hospital on WHRB is all girl DJs, so in keeping with the spirit of Ladies Night, I figured I'd play all lady-fronted bands. Check it out here. I was just subbing for my friend Jess last night, but I'll return to the airwaves tonight at 10 (eastern) for my usual show, Caffeine Blues, with my friend Christa... we probably only play about 60% girl bands. You can listen at 95.3 fm in the Boston area or stream at whrb.org.


The Shangri-Las- "Right Now and Not Later" | Greatest Hits (CD, 1987) | Topline

Liechtenstein- "By Staying Here (We Will Slowly Die)" | Survival Strategies In A Modern World (10Inch, 2009) | Slumberland
Brilliant Colors- "Highly Evolved" | Highly Evolved b/w Takes So Little (7Inch, 2009) | Captured Tracks
The Pandoras- "I Live My Life" | It's About Time (LP, 1984) | Voxx
Demolition Doll Rods- "I Wanna O.D." | I Wanna O.D. b/w Dream (7Inch, 1995) | Bag of Hammers

Neo Boys- "Poor Man's Jungle" | Crumbling Myths (LP, 1982) | Joe
Oh OK- "Lilting" | Oh OK (7Inch, 1982) | DB
Oh OK- "Brother" | Oh OK (7Inch, 1982) | DB
Plain Janes & the Jokes- "Class War" | Bloodstains Across California (LP, 1993) | Bloodstains
The Brat- "The Wolf" | The Wolf (7Inch, 1983) | 540

Foreign Objects- "Fixed Failure" | Foreign Objects (7Inch, 2009) | Loud Punk/Shock to the System
Dangerloves- "Deja Vu" | Easy (7Inch, 2008) | Dead Ideas
Daylight Robbery- "Circles" | Red Tape (7Inch, 2009) | Residue
OK?- "Durress" | Everything Is Going to Be (7Inch, 2009) | Life's A Rape
Libyans- "Crash Course" | Crash Course (7Inch, 2009) | Headcount/Shock to the System/Too Circle

Skinned Teen- "Skinned Teen Anthem" | Bazooka Smooth! (LP, 1995) | Lookout
Skinned Teen- "Pillow Case Kisser" | Bazooka Smooth! (LP, 1995) | Lookout
Kleenex- "Ain't You" | Heidi's Head/Ain't You (7Inch, 1978) | Rough Trade
Kitty Cat Spy Club- "Girl Love" | split with The Teenagers (7Inch, 1995) | Radio Trash
Kenickie- "Snakebite" | Catsuit City (7Inch, 1994) | Slampt
Pens- "High In the Cinema" | split with Male Bonding (7Inch, 2008) | Paradise Vendors
The Spoiled Brats- "No I Don't" | Jackie's Never Coming (7Inch, 1994) | Rip Off

Sourpatch- "Fun" | Crushin' (CD, 2010) | Happy Happy Birthday to Me (playlist)
Finally Punk- "Boyfriend Application" | Primary Colors (7Inch, 2007) | ABL
The Phantom Pregnancies- "Viva la Diva" | The Compilation That Could Have Been a Contender (LP, 2003) | Dim Mak
Frumpies- "Deliberate Indifference" | Tommy Slich (7Inch, 1993) | Lookout!
Ice Cream Truck- "Burn the Flag" | International Pop Underground (LP, 1992) | K
The Bobbyteens- "Hey Roxy" | Young & Dumb (LP, 2001) | Screaming Apple

Team Dresch- "Freewheel" | Personal Best (LP, 1994) | Chainsaw
Little Lungs- "Blankets" | Living Hell (7Inch, 2010) | Salinas (playlist)
Softball- "Bright" | Tenku (LP, 2000) | Asian Man
Tiger Trap- "Hiding" | Supercrush (7Inch, 1993) | K
P.S. Eliot- "Cry Uncle" | P.S. Eliot (7Inch, 2010) | Freedom School

Hey Girl!- "666" | Spill Your Guts!! (LP, 2007) | Thrillhouse
Cheeky- "Get Out Of Here" | Choke on a Cheeseburger (7Inch, 2008) | Freedom School
Glue!- "Still Here" | Glue! (7Inch, 2009) | Rumbletowne (playlist)
Margaret Thrasher- "The Next Best Thing" | Are You There God? It's Me Margaret Thrasher (7Inch, 2006) | Clarence Thomas
Turboslut- "Exorcism" | split with Pygmy Lush (LP, 2009) | Exotic Fever
Anti-Scrunti Faction- "Slave to My Estrogen" | Damsels in Distress (LP, 1985) | Unclean/Flipside

Witches- "Young Ones" | Witches (7Inch, 2008) | Salinas
Heavens to Betsy- "Me & Her" | These Monsters Are Real (7Inch, 1992) | Kill Rock Stars
New Creases- "New Creases" | split with It Good (7Inch, 2010) | Let's Pretend/No Breaks
The Automaticans- "Audrey" | split with Team Dresch (7Inch, 2000) | Mental Monkey/Humdrum
Drinking Woman- "Juan the Floor" | Drinking Woman (7Inch, 1994) | Three Little Girls

Usch- "Hatalen" | Bloodstains Across Sweden (LP, 1997) | Salming Sound
Bangs- "He's a Groupie" | Tiger Beat (LP, 1998) | Kill Rock Stars
Bratmobile- "Love Thing" | Pottymouth (LP, 1993) | Kill Rock Stars
Bette Davis and the Balconettes- "Celebrity Fuckers" | Bette Davis and the Balconettes (7Inch, 1998) | Slampt
Ima Gymnist- "So Freakin' Juicy!" | So Freakin' Juicy! (7Inch, 2007) | Ol' Factory
The Slits- "Typical Girls" | Cut (LP, 1979) | 4 Men with Beards
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lhustlee on April 15th, 2010 04:05 pm (UTC)
turned back the clocks in my room; i needed time!jettison on April 15th, 2010 04:36 pm (UTC)
Awesome. Is that PS Eliot 7" out yet?!!?
Cats are not luckycatsarenotlucky on April 16th, 2010 03:15 pm (UTC)
If the radio was like this all of the time, I would actually listen to it!
Ms. Sunshinelazyantibodies on April 26th, 2010 01:38 am (UTC)
hey this playlist is awesome! I go to Emerson College and my friend and I do a radio show called Fuzz Mountain on WECB Thursday nights. We had a similar night earlier in the semester. So fun, I love playing riot grrrl and girl group stuff anyways. How many radio shows do you guys have left this semester? We only have one more. I want to listen this week.!
eatacritter on April 29th, 2010 03:55 am (UTC)
My last show ever (I'm graduating) is tomorrow night (Thursday) from 10 to 12- you should listen!